The Earth is my Patient

The Earth Is My patientThis a book about the real causes of environmental pollution. It treats the earth as if it is a sick patient in front of a doctor. The book starts with the definitions of environmental pollution and discusses the problems facing the world’s ecosystems such as water pollution, air pollution and land pollution (symptoms). The real causes of pollution include overpopulation, greed, poverty, politicians etc. Then it discusses the (cure) for the symptoms.

These include getting rid of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas and solarizing the planet by using solar energy to generate electricity as well as implementation of the Earth Charter: a group of policies put together to try to make people respect both life and the environment. There are also seven appendices which include a glossary of environmental terms and a list of diseases caused by climate change including their symptoms and treatment.



great book to grace your library…

, October 5, 2005By
Mark Simon St. Martin “MSSM”
(Chicago, IL USA) -See all my reviews
This review is from:The Earth Is My Patient (Paperback)
David F. Arieti’s “The Earth is my Patient” is a well-written book about someof the world’s most debated, most controversial and most overlooked issues.In its ambitious scope of trying to project to us readers that the world is  in need of our expertise as its “doctor”, it had indeed succeeded. Mr. Arieti discusses a wide range of political, social and environmental topics. It is quite amazing to note that even though Mr. Arieti is an environmental science teacher by profession, he discusses each topic with such expertise that each topic in the book is brimming with information. Every topic is an influx of information regarding the topic, and like a very effective writer, he feeds you the information, then he reasons out the points that contribute to the problems in the various topics. He deftly explains every point of problem so that, indeed, a reader could be moved to act on the problem. It is a book of symptoms of the larger problems that are threatening the world, and like a doctor, he had enumerated the symptoms and the points for solution. It is a half-cynical, half-informative book that seeks to inform you on what is happening in the world. Generally, “The Earth is My Patient” is a great, informative book that impartsto you the value of saving your own planet, because, after all, this is all that we’ve got.

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